Camino Departure

Camino departure
6.30 pm 12/9/2014 Sydney airport.
Aircraft is on boarding phase. Most passengers seated. 15 minutes to departure.
I’m still a bit nervous. My preparation was chaotic mainly to to pressures from work. I’m sure my pack weight is now close to 10 kg although I didn’t have time to check. As far as I can tell I only forgot my second pair of shoes for wearing at the end of the day. I’ll get something in St Jean or something.
I’m always a bit edgy when parting from Ali and this was no exception. I hope all will be well with the kids over the next four weeks.
In-flight now after dinner. There’s been trouble from behind with a psychotic young master. Four interventions were required, parent absent. All quite now. 2nd movie started. Monuments men preceded by Robocop. I’ve seen quite a few on the list.
I slipped on the top step this morning getting tangled with the cat. Right knee is a bit sore and I’m hoping it doesn’t flare up when I start the camino although I guess I’m already started.
12.30 am Bangkok. The flight will land in 30 minutes. I slept a bit. My right knee is sore. Kind passengers next to me. Two ladies holidaying in Greece. Makes up for the monster behind.
6.30 am my watch says, but it’s the middle of the night. Just woken from a reasonable sleep from Bangkok to be served GF breakfast which always comes well before the normal service. I’m having a lot of discomfort manoeuvring to the services and can’t fully extend my knee.
At Dubai.
Right knee pretty sore getting off. Long bus ride to terminal. I’m now waiting at the gate for the Paris leg and my leg is settling down at last.
Dubai airport is huge but getting to my gate was fairly straightforward. Plenty of glitz and glam but no free wi-fi like Sydney. Not particularly crowded either.
Flight to Paris uneventful. Eat, sleep, read, eat, movie, eat…..etc
Managed to buy a ticket and find the train to Paris North but getting out of the station proved difficult and I eventually gave up the walk to Paris-Est and took a cab. Parisians have a strange view of the geography of their own city. Also on exit of Paris-North I thought I was in Africa.
Finally made it onto the TGV which sounds flash but must have been in service during the smoking era.
All that traipsing proved my knee was recovering.
I contacted Dominik whom I’m staying with in Trier and he assured me that the Bitburgers were on ice.
4.05 pm The TGV is now speeding across the French countryside which is flat, not like Booligal, but very gentle undulating farmland. I just saw a white gravel road meandering through the fields and topping a rise and it immediately brings the coming Camino to mind. In one sense I can’t wait but the first day won’t be quite so flat.
4.55pm the train has slowed and the countryside is much more hilly. Stopped a Metz for 5 minutes. Most of the passengers got off.
5.30 at Thionville. All the buildings and walls were tagged. The strange thing is it coveys exactly the same nonsense as our railway tagging.
Dominik was waiting on the platform at Luxembourg and I have had a lovely meal and chat with Ursula an son Johannes but Maximillian was asleep after a big day at a mates birthday party. Time for bed after what seems the longest day.


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