Day 1. St Jean Pied-de-Port to Huntto

I wake about 7. I wash my face and descend to breakfast. Anna from Dortmund sits opposite and we chat a little. Her French is limited but she can speak Spanish. The hostess fixes me with orange juice and coffee. In conversation with Anna I mention “sans gluten” and the hostess bustles off to get me GF bread. The details of our conversation are lost now. I must remember to catch them early. I returned to the room and ask the girls if the light is Ok. Anna is packing outside so not to disturb them. I get my two previous posts done and then start packing its cool that I’m already dressed from the previous evening. Just need teeth- brushing and bug-raking.
Downstairs I plug the phone for a little charge, put my boots on and pay my lovely hostess. Bed dinner and breakfast is 27 Euro.
Nearly left the phone too!
The French couples are loading their car to return home and we say our goodbyes. It’s after 9 now. I don’t know where the time has gone. Head down to the pilgrim office and get my credentiale 2 euro and a free scallop shell. I ask the lady who speaks good English if I can reserve at Huntto and she kindly rings them. My spot is secured and I voice my sincerest gratitude. I head off to the post office. No luck as sending 1.13 kg to Santiago is 37 euro so I repack the excess and prepare to depart. I’m already soaked in sweat.
I go down to the old roman walking bridge and cross, stopping half way to take a selfie. It’s really happening! I’m already on the Camino!
No walking poles just yet but soon the path steepens so I crack them out. What follows is a sort of torture and the steep angle is staggering.
Look at the road, take small steps, don’t thing just put one foot in front if the other.
Pilgrims pass me making it look effortless. The street is narrow and I walk I the left. I catch up with some Koreans and greet them in Hangul. They seemed shocked and amused in equal measure.
Met Jim and Dairy from Seattle, Megan from Spokane. Some Aussie ladies from Melbourne
Arrived at Hunto and met the people above. The lady came out and took me over to the accommodation. It looks like I was first. I spent the afternoon finishing Divergent and playing with the camera. People started turning up mid afternoon. Had a nice chat with Giovanni from Sicily only in very broken English. The view is spectacular so I took a few shots. Too many probably. Washing time and hoping it dries.
At dinner sat amongst French. Isolated for a while but eventually broke the ice. The mariner beside me wants to sail Sydney Harbour so I showed him the banner on my blog and explained it was the view fom my office. His eyes lit up.
Nice meal of potato soup followedf by lamb chops French style and beans wit salad after. Then cheese and confit. Meal began with port and red wine followed. A big storm blew in with rain and lightening. Very atmospheric. I was worried about the clothes but someone had moved the rack under the eaves.
Bed time at 10. Pleasant night.
Up before dawn for a stroll. Beautiful cool breeze. They say it’s hot today.
Standing in Rue De Citadella, St Jean.



2 responses to “Day 1. St Jean Pied-de-Port to Huntto

  1. Hope the knee is hding up well. Looks like you won’t be lacking for companionship!

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