Day minus 1

Up early at 5.30 although already I was awake. Nice breakfast of scrambled eggs and bacon. Wifi not working and email no go but Ali has texted me the details I need for today. She us my angel, looking after me.
The boys rushed down to wish me we’ll and said they look forward to my visit in 5 years.
I gave my thanks to Ursula for being such a gracious host and assured her that should she visit us in Australia I will get rid of all the spiders first, but somehow, I think the Costa-del-Sol will win out on that one.
Dominik dropped me at Luxembourg station with 30 minutes to spare and I’m now aboard the TGV. Strange but in my train travels no one has checked my ticket.
I’m so grateful to the Polsters for my rest day and now feel ready for the Camino. My knee feels good with no further pain.
10.20 am arrived Paris-est. I grabbed a taxi for Orly. Laurent the driver was concerned so I dragged out my ticket. My French is really poor. He used his phone to check before we left for the airport. Eventually is seemed ok. I kept answering in Spanish and he asked if I hable espanol which I affirmed so then is was a mixture of languages.
At the airport I found someone who confirmed my flight was cancelled but he directed me to the service counter and I got an earlier flight. Checked my bag and now waiting for the flight. The weight of all my luggage came to a shocking 11.9 kg. I wonder what I can ditch when I send the duffel bag on to Santiago. It’s hot, and sweltering with a bit if a cool breeze coming from somewhere. I’m calmer now but it was a bit tense while sorting out the travel. I call the Gite to confirm my reservation. French voicemail, so I blurt out my details and hope.
The plane is a Bombardier. Small and only two seats each side. Flight attendants are nice like a favourite auntie. I have a little snooze then a coke. Haven’t eaten since breakfast and I’m a bit hungry but only biscuit is available.
At 2.30 the plane starts it’s descent and unbidden, a little thrill runs through me. It is getting nearer.
Biarritz has that holiday look with long beaches and terracotta roofing over yellow wash walls. Nice view from the plane but also the Pyrenees tower on the horizon. That’s going to be quite a climb tomorrow.
Now waiting for the #14 bus to Bayonne.
I got the last seat on the bus despite being there first. The seat was next to the strangest creature who clearly didn’t want there. I spotted him earlier on a bicycle and thought he was homeless. Initially alarmed by the odour and OCD I settled that he was a pilgrim like me and I did my best to not disturb him.
The walk up to the Gite had me lathered and after a warm French fretting and explanation in French I rushed of to the shower and then to the kitchen.
At dinner I sat with a French foursome who had just finished the Camino from Le Puy. Dominic and Evelyn and Jean-Pierre and Dominique. We had a nice chat over dinner.
Share the room with Anna from Doortmund, Jessica from Sydney who was travelling with Robyn from Invercargill the room was crowder if everyone stood. I talked about my pack weight problems which was shared with Robyn, also trying to eliminate weight.
Gite Azkorria was fantastic for facilities, perfect host, good friendly company and plenty in the nourishment department. Lights out at ten. Tomorrow we walk!


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