Day minus 2

Sunday had a leisurely start with a late breakfast at the table with the Polsters. I had many questions from Johannes and Maximillian about Australia’s poisonous snakes and spiders as well as crocodiles and sharks. I’m not sure how I survived childhood! I sang the red back spider song for Johannes and then Maximillian translated it into German which I found fascinating since he speaks only a small amount of English.
After breakfast we travelled to Eltz Castle which has stood for nearly 1000 years. Today is Monuments day and there was a large crowd. Dominik and I went on the English Tour. The castle contained three homes for three branches of the family and from the one I saw I can guess that the Eltz were wealthy and powerful people. They still live there after 33 generations. There was an impressive display of weaponry but also some beautiful paintings tapestries and the decoration of the rooms was more elaborate than I have seen before.
In the courtyard there was a pile of round stones, the remaining catapult ammunition that was pelted at the castle during an early siege.
We then returned to Trier and visited the town centre entering the Dom cathedral and strolling the streets to view the Nigri Port or black door, the only remaining fortified portal to the old Roman town.
We stopped at a scenic lookout with a good view of the whole city and valley that Trier nestles in. We even had a little sun towards the end of the day.
Back at Dominik and Ursula’s home for a relaxing Bitburger and discussion of the day.
We had a lovely evening meal. The potato bake would have driven Erin crazy with delight. Dominik served up a fine riesling which transported me back to my early days in Canberra when it was my favourite wine.
The day finished with packing and struggling with the phone. I had to reset all the contact numbers for international dialling.





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