Day 7. Pamplona to Cizur Menor.

I wake early and toss and turn for a bit. It’s not light till nearly 8.
At breakfast there is only Spanish cyclist Honorio who says he hopes to cover 80 or 90 kilometres today.
I go to get my laundry and it’s raining so I do a slight re-pack as I break out the wet weather gear. I can’t do up the jacket or I’ll be drenched on the inside.
First up is a trip to the post office where I pack off my beloved boots and some other stuff. I hope I have made the right choice. The weight comes to 3.5 kilograms and later the pack seems so much lighter.
I go buy a peach and some chocolate and return to check out
I cross the road to take San Fermin but then backtrack to get more cash. The SIM shop looks shut down and as my phone seems to be working ok now I decide to stick with my travel SIM.

My haven in Pamplona, Hotel Xarma.

Calle San Fermin on the way out

It’s 10.40 and I begin the 5 k shuffle to Cizur Menor in the rain. I manage to rejoin the Camino and the sight of the silver shell symbols in the path lifts my spirit. A few pilgrims go by.
As I near the edge of the city an American and wife goes by so I reply with a “gidday!” and he asks if I’m English. When informed, he comments on how many damn Aussies he keeps running into. After I give my name he says that’s his name too. Later they stop to add rain covers and I continue past.
I stop under an overpass at the very City limit and have a lunch of Navarran peach and call Ali. It’s 12 o’clock and John goes by with a wave.
Leaving Pamplona behind at last.

Now it’s out in the country and gently raining. It only takes another hour and a bit to make the remaining distance. I consider going on but I’ve had enough. My knee has behaved well so a rest is deserved and hopefully tomorrow there will be no rain.
The lady books me in and warns me to keep my valuables on me. She points on the map to where the restaurant is and indicates the facilities.
I grab my bed, spread out the sleeping bag. Grab my valuables and head to the common room to de-dampen with a bit of journaling mixed with hot chocolate. Now I have a cup!
I use it to down another paracetamol.
I wait a bit till I’m less damp and then crash and wake at 6.
I can’t believe I slept all through the afternoon.
I look at the provided map to the shops and wander off. No luck so I return and have another look. What looked like a big road turns out to be a tiny lane. I find the shop and buy cheese and chorizo for tomorrow.
Back at the common room I meet first a lady and then Jean-Luc from Paris who has a similar tale of aching legs and rest days.
Someone is teaching a bit of Korean so I introduce myself.
On the way back to the room I meet Marla from Missouri and shortly after her husband Richard turns up. Richard is looking for Jean-Luc and, as he is absent, we decide to wander over the road to a bar.
A genial meal with Jean-Luc follows comprised of white beans, a little like baked beans, some chops and chips and cheesecake accompanied with Viña de Saxo. Conversation centres on tornados and bush fires but I swing it around to the special qualities if the Camino. Richard brings up the Pillars of the Earth which I have read and we discuss the Cultural Guide to the Camino which we have both read.
8.45 and the others have departed so I should do some laundry and get ready for bed.
I bump into more Koreans in the common room.
lolling across the street to the bar where dinner was enjoyed.

It’s 9.30. And lights out in ten minutes so I had better go.
Buen Camino.


8 responses to “Day 7. Pamplona to Cizur Menor.

  1. Your journal has become a breakfast ritual in our family. We are following every step and every bottle.

  2. Hi John,
    I am greatly enjoying your posts!
    Keep them up.

  3. JJ,
    Very pleased to read that you are on the move again. I am also impressed with your pain relief techniques. Bottle of ??? seems to do the trick every time. There is something very third generation Jones about that! Keep up the placing of the right foot in front of the left and vice versa and soon you will be there, All our love KJ-KFJ that is, and Nik and Vivien.

  4. I’m in a caravan park in Nabiac reading your blog. Very inspiring! How many clicks have you run up so far? Stay safe! Rob

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