Day 9. Obaños to Puente la Reina

Very bad night with food poisoning. I couldn’t get a taxi of bus so I had to walk to Puenta La Reina. I stopped to buy a can of lemonade but could only get lemon. The flavour was a bit acidic but I sat quietly on a bench next to shop and drank it all interspersed with water.
I made Puenta La Reina in about a hour, found a bench as sat for a bit pondering my options.
The guide said there was a hotel down the street so I found it, booked in and slept the day.
I arose showered and changed and went down for dinner at 8. Didn’t eat much but it felt ok.
Back to the room, a little laundry and bed. A very tough start to the day but finding this room has been very good.
Tomorrow is another day.
God bless.


2 responses to “Day 9. Obaños to Puente la Reina

  1. I hope it wasn’t the chorizo!! Take care…

    • I’ve had a whole day in bed in a private room sleeping. I managed to eat a bit at the meal last night. It’s 7 in the morning and I should rise and pack soon. Feeling better already. JJ

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