Day 12. Villamajor de Monjardin to Sansol.

After a disturbed night people began stirring in the cramped stuffy room shortly after 6 and the dim light went on at 7. I stirred out at 7.30 and dressed and packed by about 8. I sat for a while charging and journaling and generally waiting for the sun to come up. I eventually dragged everything outside and got my shoes on on started down to the store.
It wasn’t opening for another half hour and as far a I knew there was nothing till Los Arcos, 12 k away.
I felt great and really stepped it out over country paths and then roads leading down from the mountain into the heavily farmed valley.
After an hour I could see some walkers in the distance that I was catching. This couldn’t be! Yep and as I got closer I could see it was Connie and Lennie.
I followed them for a while and when they stopped I mentioned that I saw a sign there was a bar ahead soon. They had there own food so I kept going and around the next bend was a van. Hallelujah!
Breakfast of tortilla and fresh orange juice and a nice rest in a chair.
I’m weary now and the euphoria of the early walk is gone and my hip and knee are aching a bit do I have backed off a bit. The walk is fairly solitary now and I only meet a few pilgrims. I round a corner and the path leaves the road and travels beside a small creek. There are two picnic tables but amazingly both occupied so I keep going and very shortly it’s back to gravel road.
After cresting a hill I can finally see some buildings in the distance and I catch up with Connie et al and proceed to shuffle the traditional long canyon that tends to be the Main Street of old Spanish towns.
At last I make the town square next to the cathedral and I find a table and spread out in the shade. It’s 11.30 and I’ve covered 12 k in 3 hours, a very respectable speed.
The waiter turns up and I order risotto fungi and a coke for 8 euro.
After 12 , I call Ali and she’s out with Mell destroying a Moore’s Creek. It’s Saturday night and the girls are partying!
I manage to post yesterday but cannot add pics or do Facebook because the wi-fi is too feeble.
I go sit in the Cathedral for a while. There is an old priest with a laser pointer giving a talk to a young Spanish couple. His voice has more gravel than the roads I walked today.
It’s time to go and I’m not looking forward to it but I’ve been watered and fed. After adjusting my shoes I head up a rise of lane way and at the crest in the distance I can see a pile if blocks with a centre spire way over on the other side of a shallow dry dusty valley. Could this be my target? If so it’s the first time I’ve been able to see where I’m going. The walk is long and tiring. At one point the path leaves the road heading away to the right and maybe I’m mistaken but I come out on a tar road and follow the arrows straight back to the target trudging up and over the hill to the Albergue Sansol.
For 21 euro I’ve got bed, meal, GF breakfast, laundry, wifi and a great hot shower.
I’m bunked showered laundry’d and resting in two upps.
I’m bunking next to John, fit 50 y.o. from Utah who is in the sound business.
For Greg, the brands are RBH Sound and Check out the vocefina.
John is engineering granite speakers with four different materials of insulation. Aluminium, a tarry substance, silicone and foam. I’m sorry Greg but most if it’s going over my head.
Utah John is a 20 mile a day man so he has taken one week less than me to get here.
By the book we have travelled 144 k.
I dined with John and Jenny, a nurse from Vancouver and her Camino pal Lilliana from Mexico. Dinner for me was potato salad, meatballs and chips and rice pudding with a beer.
Afterwards John and I went up to the shops to provision tomorrow which I hear will be raining. I’m not sure I’ll be ably to go all the way to Logroño so I’ll just have to put one step in front of the other.
We have a nice chat on the architecture of the impressive garden wall amongst other things and I was able to recall more early Australian history that I imagined.
It was a good day but I’m not looking forward to the rain tomorrow.
Buen Camino
Typical large haystack as in the movie.

Lunching in Los Arcos village square

Looking back at Los Arcos

Sansol on the horizon

The view from my bunk window back to Los Arcos



4 responses to “Day 12. Villamajor de Monjardin to Sansol.

  1. Hi John. How’s the new camera working out? Lovely photos. Does that day-in-review-video feature work? This speakers that guy designs are ridiculous! I’ve read about them. They look like something from Dr Who.
    Keep on truckin’!

    • Hi Greg. Most of the shots are the I-phone but I’m transferring some from the camera. To tell you the truth I’ve been too buggered to take a lot. I’ll have to be more conscientious with it. Regards,JJ

  2. John, Mum here, I am enjoying hearing all the ups and downs of your travels and I hope you keep well for the next week of your trip. I was thrilled to hear Laura’s news about Disneyland and enjoyed speaking to her about it. You and Alison must be very proud of her efforts, just as I am proud of your efforts even though some of the experience you recount makes me feel 97 years! oldLove Mum xo

    • Thanks mum. I’m stunned to get the message from you. The Camino is a very special place full of the most wonderful experiences. I’m do glad I’m here.
      Laura is really doing so well and we are very proud of her.
      Lots of love, john

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