Day 19. San Juan de Ortega to Burgos.

I’ve been Burgos’d having covered an unbelievable 28 k today.
Last out again walking at 8. I wore a jumper for the first few hours as it was cool. I made the next town Agés in about an hour at a respectable 4 k overtaking some groups on the way. Everything was working ok this morning. I stopped for a breakfast of coffee and tortilla and proceeded to Atapuertica the early paths were gravel road but soon I was on the tar.
I stopped again briefly for some water nuts and chic ant to strip off the jumper and put on sunnies and hat.
The next bit involved climbing to 1100 metres and the higher it got the rockier. Eventually it flattened out and there was a big cross on top of the hill and a little later some seats so I had another rest.
A Canadian couple I spoke to at breakfast cruised by.
Next the downhill was also rocky and difficult and my knee was starting to throb a bit at the bottom.
As it flattened out the path gave way to gravel road and after a few turns I ended up in x where there was a bar with pilgrims I have seen but not really spoken to. I stop for a rest and drink and yoghurt. It’s time to call Ali. They are watching “monuments Men”.
Back on the tar and it’s another aching shuffle to the next village and another rest.
My feet are really aching but I’ve still got more than 14 k to go so it suck it up time. I really have to concentrate in foot placement and I work out a method that provides some relief but I miss the turn to the river path. I’m now committed to the right side of the airport and I finally stumble into Villafrance and collapse face down on the soft shady grass of a little park. It’s 2.30 and there is still about 9 k and it’s all paving.
When I finally get in I can’t find either of the Alburgues I’m looking for which adds more distance.
I stumble past the Cathedral and up the hill, turn the wrong way, then turn back and finally see Dominique in a doorway. It’s 6pm and I made it!
The distance covered is staggering and when I’m on my way up I bump into Utah.
Shower, laundry, snooze, mass with blessing, find a place to dine.
Potatoe salid, meatballs and ratatouille followed by ice cream and washed with beer.
I’m absolutely buggered and I feel I’ve earned a few days rest.
Buen Camino.



3 responses to “Day 19. San Juan de Ortega to Burgos.

  1. Hi John
    Well done!
    How are the shoes holding out?

    • My 5yo runners are doing a pretty good job as I’ve had no blisters but my ankles are pretty sore at the end of each day. How’s the piano going?

      • Hi John,
        The piano arrives on Saturday. I am looking forward to it arriving and will let you know then.

        Keep travelling well my friend.

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