Day 29. Samos to Sarria

Emelio arrived from the monastery at 7 with a mobile playing a crowing cock which got a laugh from the pilgrims already up.
I retrieved my laundry which was still wet and proceeded to pack hanging the wet stuff on the outside. I was ready at 7.50 and went over to the bar to have a hot chocolate.
I headed off a little after 8 in the pitch black cool damp morning only stopping at the ATM for some cash. The bank was actually open and the teller was inside alone sitting at his counter.
Following the road for a bit I had two pilgrims wander by and just after the second, the path diverts to a minor road and heads uphill. I now have the Camino to myself. I have to unzip the jacket because it’s getting hot under from the climbing. I’m onto the cow paths around a little church and there’s a bit of zig zagging but eventually I come down a steep section to a farm house and a road.
It’s still dark as this is a deep valley and the sun doesn’t reach but it’s a beautiful valley of small lots growing corn and the ubiquitous cows. I’m travelling beside a river and there’s the sounds of running water and every so often, rapids.
By 10.30 I’m getting so hot I stop to take my jacket off and a pilgrim goes by smiling. He’s enjoying this beautiful valley too. I’m pretty close to the next village so I shuffle off and before long I’m sitting having coffee after three hours of walking.
When I come out Molly goes by so I stop for a chat.
We are now only 4k from Sarria and it’s full sunshine and gentle undulations and before long I top a rise and see the town which is big and modern.
I pass by a workshop where a guy is angle grinding and that familiar smell of burning disk comes wafting across. Molly must have stopped because she comes alongside and we chat on the way in about Oregon and lambs and weather.
The lambs are because some newborns are in a paddock across the road which Molly thinks is unusual given we are in Autumn.
She stops at the information centre and I go in to check out a map for the Albergue.
I continue up the Camino but have to divert around roadworks eventually getting to a long flight of steps. At the top the Camino turns left so I continue up the street and just past the church I arrive at the Albergue. On entry I say I have a booking for three and he directs me up to room 6 but it’s empty so I have arrived first. It’s 12.20.
After settling in I go downstairs and sit on the couch by the front window and start journaling.
A little while later Molly knocks on the window as she goes by.
I hear a car door slam but no car has come down the one-way street. I can’t see anything out the window but when I look out the other window I see the reflection of the back of a head that could only belong to Lachy and then I hear Ali’s voice. They are here at last!
I open the door and it’s hugs and kisses after four weeks so we bustle up to the room and spread our gear about and catch up on home news.
After, we go exploring and stop in a bar for coffee and cake.
We go to mass at the church and after get the credentiales authorised.
Then it’s back to the room to shower and change and get the laundry done.
Now it’s dinner time and the owners dad is the cook. The meal is delicious and we all have the chicken special for main. Company is Noosan Mary trying to matchmaker Dick and a different Mary who are American and Canadian.
We have a great night although Mary isn’t happy that I work for coke as she’s convinced it’s all evil.
The chef encourages us to stay with more wine but it’s time for bed and off we go.
Tomorrow we walk.
Buen Camino.






2 responses to “Day 29. Samos to Sarria

  1. Hi John
    I’ll bet is is good to have part of the family with you on the last part of your journey! Enjoy. Say hi from me.

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