Day 30. Sarria to Ferrerios.

We were up and packing by 7 and walked out the door a little after 8. First stop was a cafe for coffee and a bit of tortilla.
Then it was on the road and it was cool and a little damp. Lachy struggled a bit on the hills, there were heaps of pilgrims and at one stage a whole bunch of the lycra clad went running by us going up a hill. There was a little round stone structure that some pilgrims said was the remains of an ancient my house.
We crossed railroad tracks and Ali said she could hear a train and sure enough one went by horn tooting soon after.
The path was a combination of lanes and roads and there was more uphill that I bargained for. It was a bit of a struggle for Lachy and we had many pauses.
At Barbadelo we stopped for a rest but then it was back into the rain and when we arrived at a little clearing just before Peruscallo, Lachy sat down on some rocks so we had a little picnic. While we rested along came Bill and Jim so we had a bit of a reunion before they plodded on.
When we reached the village there was a very small bar with an outside marquee, the only shelter from rain, so we plonked ourselves down and had coffee hot choc and pizza while the heavens opened. Bill and Jim left but we stayed for a while with David from Latvia.
As always we headed back into a mixture of road and cowtracks in the rain. Lachy was having a hard time of it so for the last few k’s I hoisted his pack on top of mine and gave Ali my walking poles. By the time we made Ferrerios, we all had had enough so that’s where we stayed for the night, all on top bunks. We were so done in that we even skipped dinner although I had had a plate of soup before booking in.
Lach was wasted so I made arrangements to book his mochilla (backpack) through tomorrow so he didn’t have to carry it.
In bed by 9 and dreading the rain tomorrow.
Buen Camino.








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