Day 31. Ferrerios to Eirexe

I turned on the lights at 7.30 after fumbling in the dark trying to get Lachy’s pack ready for the mochilla taxi. I packed mine too and took both down to the bar, having a coffee while I waited for the driver who turned up a little after 8.
I then ruturned up the hill to the Albergue, bumping into Bill and Jim on the way out and wishing them well. We headed down to the bar and had breakfast of fried eggs and prosciutto, not quite what I intended in the order.
So we headed off into the rain and there was plenty to go around. I pulled out Lachy’s little umbrella and anchored it in my chest strap so I could be dry sort of. It worked fairly well as long as the breeze stayed low.
We stopped at Mercadoiro for more coffee and an extra coke for Lachy who was coping much better.
On leaving, the rain worsened to the point everything was getting wet. Poor Lachy’s trousers were drenched.
At Vilchá, there was a little donativo unmanned stall so we stopped and rested in the lean-to out of the rain while Lachy fed a stray cat.
The rain eased off a bit for the descent and climb into Portomarin. We found a bar and had some pizza and cokes for lunch.
After, I bumped into Catherine whom I had last seen in Viana. We travelled in company in the rain to Hospital de la Cruz where we picked up Lachy’s backpack but Catherine had done enough walking.
We pushed on to Eirexe and arrived as drowned rats after a big day. It’s a little pension and we are sharing a 4 bunk room with Austrian Rene with it’s own bathroom. The host is doing the laundry for 7 euro and after a hot shower and change of clothes we almost feel human again.
At 7 I ask Rene if he would like to join us for dinner and we go for a simple menu without wifi. When the desert offering of helados is served it is a Spanish choc-wedge.
We return over the rain-soaked road and organise a mochilla transport and room booking for Melide, 22k away and prepare ourselves for a good start tomorrow. Soon after the laundry arrives warm and folded.
There’s an Italian guy just outside our room in the foyer chatting up a woman and I swear he hasn’t drawn breath since we returned from dinner. Thankfully, the woman eventually leaves and peace and quiet returns.
We are all settled in for the night at 9.30. Hopefully the rain will ease tomorrow.
Buen Camino.





2 responses to “Day 31. Ferrerios to Eirexe

  1. All the best for the last leg.It sounds a bit punishing, but what an experience!

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