Day 33. Melide to Santa Irene

I turned the light on at 7 but it didn’t necessarily cause a flurry of activity nevertheless we were at the bar around eight and had a light breakfast.
Unfortunately not long after hitting the road it was obvious that today it would be raining so we had to break out the rain gear. We stopped at the beautiful Romanesque church of Santa Maria to get our sellos and I took the opportunity of rearranging all my gear under the rain cover.
Lachy was in a lot of pain with his feet and it was very slow going, only making Boente by 11, where we stopped for a bite to eat and to assess our options.
I decided to motor to Arzua and wait out lunch.
We had some nice Tapas.
Lachy was still in a lot of pain so we ferried him to the Alburgue and then returned to walk our Camino. Thankfully the weather was kind and there was a light breeze to keep us cool. When we got to the bar at Santa Irene Lachy’s mochilla was there so we stopped for coffee and Santiago Tart and picked up a treat for Lachy.
When we got to the Albergue I found that Lachy had ferreted out all the chocolate.
I gave his feet a good massage, suspecting a case of plantar fasciitis and it seemed to do the trick. Of course I had to do the other pair too!
The Albergue was a converted stable and the hosts put on a dinner of soup, traditional fish and fruit.
We dined with Johannes from just outside Frankfurt and an Italian couple from Torino.
The laundry was finished and dry by 9.30 so it was bedtime and looking forward to a short 15k tomorrow.
Hopefully Lachy will be fleet of foot after my ministrations.
Buen Camino.




3 responses to “Day 33. Melide to Santa Irene

  1. Happy birthday John, one you will never forget. Enjoy the rest of your journey with Alison and Lochy

    • Thanks Margie. It seems unbelievable that a short walk tomorrow will finish it. And just to top it off, this afternoon i bumped into Jessica from Invercargill with whom i share a room on the first night in St Jean.

  2. Happy birthday for today John. Hope you all made the last few kms in time to enjoy the swinging of the thurible.

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