Day 34. Santa Irene to Vilamaior

I arose at 7.30 and turned the bed light on and one of the other guests turned the main lights on so we went straight into packing.
Getting Lachy up was my main challenge but we were out the door at 8.30 but the bar was shut so we had to go straight to walking. I gave Lachy my smaller pack and adjusted Lachy’s for my shorter stature and off we went walking over the paths and through the eucalypt forests.
The forests are a strange sight in this part of Spain but were planted because they grow so quickly.
The pace was gentle and after 3 hours we made it to Armenal where we stopped for a snack.
Lachy was starting to struggle so I hung his pack off my front and we proceeded at a slightly reduced pace making to San Payo just past the airport by 1.30.
We stopped for a lunch of burgers chips and beer. Much needed.
I really struggled with the extra weight and so many hills.
We continued on with more hills coming into Vilamaior and first had the Perth couple with the baby go by and then unbelievably, Jessica from Invercargill pulled up. I shared a room with her and Robyn on the first night in St Jean nearly five weeks ago.
There was a Casa Rural in town so I had a quick look and booked the last room and dinner. That leaves us about 8.5k to cover tomorrow morning and we can forward our packs straight to the hotel so it should be OK to get to the midday pilgrim mass tomorrow.
Once in the room the first order of business was an ice cream each.
My feet were freezing after showering and changing and I hopped into bed to try and warm them up.
Lachy and Ali watched TV till dinner.
At 8 we wandered up and found Molly sitting by herself so we joined her for a pleasant meal of ,on my part, Gallegos soup, beef and potatoes and flan. Ali had salad and fish and Lachy had empanadas and fish.
Back in bed by 9.30 although Lachy stayed up and watched YouTube on Ali’s phone till midnight before I hunted him to bed.
Tomorrow it will be all completo.
It seems strange that we are so close to the end but it has been part struggle part surprise and I’m now looking forward to tomorrow and the holiday to follow.
Buen Camino








One response to “Day 34. Santa Irene to Vilamaior

  1. Johnny,
    Well done on the trek and making it all the way-the bell will be ringing in celebration. Enjoy the day, perhaps a cafe americain, tortilla, paella, vino tinto and then the following morning early a vend coke, ha,ha..! Seriously, a great effort and what a way to bring on your 60th birthday. If you can be bothered you should read Shakespeare’s Sonnet 60, as it seems appropriate. I tried to copy it in here but I don’t think it was sent as it seemed too large. Buen birthday 60 big brother, go forth on the well earned holiday and luxuriate,
    All our love,
    Kev Nik and Viv

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