Holiday 1.

The alarm sounded at 8.09. I was already awake using Ali’s phone. I don’t have to walk. We get up and Ali heads to the shower as I had one last night. Lachy is in a blissful state of inertia.
We head down to breakfast leaving the inertia alone.
I put together a ham and cheese roll for Lachy and have coffee, juice, fruit, yoghurt and a little tortilla for me. Ali adds toast. It’s nice not being hurried out the door before dawn.
After feeding the beast we exit the cave and go shopping.
The old town has these very narrow alleys board erred by multi-story narrow buildings that often have roller shutters, so that the street looks completely different when shops are open versus closed.
This morning is quieter than Monday. We browse a few shops looking for a signature piece to remind us of the experience.
There’s a Galacian artist that produces cats in a picassoesque style so given we came across so many gatos in the last week we purchase.
Back at the room it’s rousting out Lachy and heading to the check-out.
We leave our bags and head into the monastery’s church to pay for a look. The monastery was a teaching university and as well as the ornate alter pieces, chapels and choirs we also saw taxidermy including an echidna, scientific equipment and an extensive pharmacy dedicated to caring for arriving pilgrims.
There was also an extensive set of printing blocks for producing illustrated books.
We stopped for a final coffee and cake and then it was back to the hotel to collect bags and book a taxi to the airport.
There isn’t anything thrilling about waiting for planes.
We were there in plenty of time and the flight to Barcelona went quickly.
Grabbed a cab and headed into town. The first thing you notice is a huge castle like structure dominating the hill on the left side of the motorway but as I got nearer it became apparent that it was a cemetery. The driver was a bit to keep to join them.
The apartment was fantastic. It was close to the port end of La Rambla. We settled in and went down to shop at the little supermarket and Ali made a nice home-cooked meal and we watched a little TV. Lachy was in veg state and draped himself all over the couches. It was a beautifully laid out apartment with two bedrooms two bathrooms a full kitchen and a washing machine so after a bit of fiddling we started pumping some loads through. Soon it was bedtime and we had two days of beautiful Barcelona ahead if us.






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