Holiday 2.

Arising leisurely at 9, I showered and while Ali did likewise, I went down and got coffee. We had the gear for bacon and eggs and stirred the beast with the lovely aroma and sound of the sizzle.
We decided to leave Lachy and headed out for a stroll up La Rambla. Consulting one if the many lamppost maps we eventually found our way to the Picasso museum in a tiny side street and lined up for tickets along with a great many others. It didn’t take too long before we were wandering through the gallery.
The gallery exhibited some photos from a photo journalist that had befriended Picasso who was particularly moved by his pictures from the civil war.
There were paintings from Picasso’s earliest training right through his career. I particularly like a series on the pigeons in his dovecote and the obvious influence of the French impressionists but I thought the exhibition lacked a signature piece to anchor it.
The most striking painting was of the female dwarf which looked a bit scary.
Afterwards we had some tapas at the street side cafe opposite the apartment and then veged till dinner.
Instead of going for dinner I picked up some pizzas downstairs and we watched telly, a bit of a treat for me after 5 weeks without.
That was a bit of a cop-out but after the stress of the Camino it was nice to just relax at home so to speak.
Tomorrow we will go on the sightseeing tour.




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