Holiday 5.

Breakfast was served in our room at 8, so I was up at 6.30 for a shower and getting things sorted.
Breakfast arrived on the dot with juice, coffee and hot chocolate, pastries, fruit, toast and preserves.
I couldn’t eat it all.
We packed everything up and checked out, leaving the bags to be picked up later. First stop was the ferry wharf to get a ride to St Marks Square. It was quite a wait and by the time we got on board, half the morning had passed. The ferry was packed but I pushed into the centre where it wasn’t so and by the Rialto Bridge a lot of people got off and we even had seats.
At St Marks, the crowds were extensive. We wandered into the square and saw the long lines for tickets to the attractions and abandoned all hope. Water was bubbling up in the square and Lachy wandered into one puddle that nearly covered his boots. I wanted to check out the prices for coffee. Seated in the square, a coffee was 11euro while only 1.10 at the bar. We paid 28 aud for a pot of tea and two cups 23 years ago so prices seem to have dropped given the passage of time.
We wandered around the shops, bought some ice cream and took some photos.
The next plan was to walk back to the hotel. Lots of window shopping but the crowds were unbelievable. The other strange thing was all the Indian and African hawkers trying to flog stuff in the street making it seem more Morrocco or Goa than Venice.
We got back close to the Rialto Bridge and then followed the map to link up with our hotel.
Just short of the hotel Lachy was getting a bit grumpy so a quick stop was required for coffee and fanta.
We hit the hotel, grappled the bags and headed for the boat. It was tough going with the suitcase and tote bag and when we were near the station I asked Ali to stop for a break whereupon a porter appeared and offered to carry all the bags for 10 euro. Sold! And unburdened, I could barely keep up with him.
Soon we were at the people mover or cable train which gets us into the port and then it was another 500 metre walk to the departure hall.
We signed in, got through security and boarded, heading strait to the room, which is fantastic, being 1.8 metres wider that our pacific cruise.
We went to get a coffee and cake which was a shocker, and no gluten free treat either. No more paying separately for coffee for us.
Our dining time option was 8.45. We unpacked and watched a bit of telly while checking out the view from the balcony.
The boat departed at 6 and Ali and I made our way to the rear so we could get a nice view of Venice on the way out. The sight of these massive cruise ships gliding down beside Venice is bizarre as they tower over the surrounding buildings. It took quite a while to move out of Venice and after passing St Marks Square the crowds on deck thinned out. We descended to the small rear deck on level 9 to watch the sunset. There was a German mum with her young son in a check trilby and his new camera clicking away. It was a little bit of Augustus Gloop.
The sun set before we got out of Venice and then it started getting dark as the boat picked up speed.
Back to the cabin for a little telly and then going to the welcome show and then heading down to The King and I (Dining room) for our 8.45 booking to be looked after by Thomas and waitress Letitia.
The meal was served promptly with fish rilettes, salmon and a creme brûlée for me. I can’t remember the others.
It was pretty much off to bed after dinner, looking forward to our first stop tomorrow in Dubrovnik.













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