Holiday 6.

Our room breakfast arrived after 8. I was up and dressed early and could see coastline ahead of the boat as we are on the port rear of the boat.
We had to assemble in the theatre for our tour which started at 10.45.
The bus took us down the coast a bit to a lookout that overlooked the old walled city. There was an interesting story about the cursed island opposite which was a monastery but when Maximillian expelled the monks they burned candles and carried them upside down around the island dropping wax. According to legend anyone who enjoyed the island too much would die of unnatural causes.
We bussed down to the northern gate and our guide Barbara took us through the city which was for the aristocrats who had wealth to protect. Other city-states like Venice would attack from time to time but the defences and spying and diplomacy would be used to avoid trouble. The streets were worn smooth from all the foot traffic and the buildings rarely had balconies because they fall and kill during earthquakes. The buildings are built of limestone which looks white when it’s cleaned.After the tour finished, we had lunch at a local restaurant and then went exploring. We found the hole in the wall that led to a cliff side cafe that Bill and Jim had described to me. That was the place to sit and watch the sunset but we would have to be back on the boat before then.
We continued around the perimeter wandering the narrow streets and negotiating the stairs till we arrived back at the Main Street where Ali went shopping. Lachy and I amused ourselves outside.
Soon it was time to head back to the bus so we crossed the drawbridge and waited at the assembly area before boarding the bus and then it was back on board.
I liked Dubrovnik although I didn’t recognise any sites from Game of Throne’s Kings Landing.




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