Holiday 7.

Today’s tour was the port of Kusadasi and the ancient ruins of Ephesus. We docked, which is a little easier than transport by tender.
Our guide Sarah had us at the ruins in no time and we would be walking down hill through the ruins to catch our bus at the bottom of the site.
There were a lot of tourists. Ephesus was a port city with defences. The port was up river from the sea and a combination of silting and earthquake damage led to its decline. It would have been a very impressive city in its day. They managed to rebuild the facade of the library which we entered and the amphitheater was huge although I didn’t climb up it as it looked a bit dangerous. After the ruins we were taken to a roman theme park tourist shop where a Turkish lunch of generous dimensions was provided. Outside there was a roman re-enactment of Caesar and Cleopatra complete with gladiator fight all designed to soften you up for the wares inside.
Then it was a trip out to the country to the village of Sirinc, supposedly a pretty village which I suppose it was although it was just more tourist shopping and then finally on to the obligatory carpet sale, very well done, but all I can think of is what the cats would do to such beautiful objects.
As we were wandering out a salesman with an Aussie accent asked Alison where she was from and when she said Aus he said “but you sound English” so Al returned the question and it turns out he used to live in Wollongong, practically next door.
Today’s tour was a long one but I did enjoy the ruins and the lunch was spot-on.
Finally it was back to the bus, on to the ship and Santorini tomorrow.














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