Holiday 8.

Wow! Santorini looks spectacular perched way up on top of the cliffs. There were two other cruise ships anchored alongside ours. This tour was by tender, although not our boat,s tenders but the local ones which were quite roomy.
Lachy was a bit tour-weary so we left him on the boat.
We headed over to the new port and took a bus up to the top where our guide Penny showed us to a winery. The view was spectacular and Ali quite liked the bottle of sweet wine so we bought one. Because of the climate and geology, the vines are trained into a basket-like circle close to the ground. This is so the leaves can absorb moisture rising from the ground and so the leaves and branches on the outside protect the fruit on the inside from harsh winds.
Then our tour went to the other end if the island to the village of Oie.
We had free time so we wandered the narrow streets to the old Venetian fort and then headed back to the other side where we bought spanakopita and ice cream.
On the way back to the bus we also bought coke and chocolate and some sesame coated nuts.
Penny explained the Atlantis legend and the discovery of Minoan-like culture in the archeological digs but it seems there is not enough funding to really progress in this field in Greece.
When we arrived at the capital Thera where the cable car was there was a mad dash up a steep hill to the cathedral but as soon as the guide bid us farewell we went and joined the cablecar queue. Which proved to be quite long.
We got chatting to an American couple ahead of us. They were a little strange but had money changing problems so I gave them 5 euro to buy the cablecar ticket.
The ride was very steep but my seat was looking at the cliff. I’m just going on the looks on the faces opposite me.
When we were coming through security they took the alcohol off for storage. Apparently it’s returned on the last day.
Well Santorini was fascinating and spectacular and tomorrow it will be ancient Olympia.














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