Holiday 9.

Another docking and Lachy came this time. Our guide Toula gave us a running commentary on the half?-hour trip to the site. This part if Greece is quite verdant and the surrounding country was mountainous. There were olive trees everywhere and rubbish too. The ruins were cool, clean and well shaded with lots of trees. Toula took us around and explained the purpose of the larger structures although little remains with carved limestone scattered everywhere. Most impressive was the temple of Zeus where they had reconstructed one of the columns which was massive. Toula took us to the stadium and then we had about half an hour of free time before the museum tour, wandering back up through the ruins and trying to imagine what it was like. The museum tour was interesting from the point of view that Toula reflected on how much more skilled the Greek sculptors were that the Romans that followed and I agree. Next was a short bus ride to the obligatory shopping.
We then had an ice cream treat before joining the bus back to port. I think Lachy really enjoyed the day and it brings to a close our shore excursions.
Back on the boat I answered a knock on the door and it was Doug, the guy from the Santorini queue, returning the 5 euro with a nice note.
We went fine dining at 6.30 and then watched a singing quartet in the Centrum doing show tunes before heading into the theatre for the evening show. The Centrum performers had real voices.
Tomorrow is a sailing day before arriving back at Venice Saturday morning.











One response to “Holiday 9.

  1. John, It’s such a treat to have a gastronomical tour of places most of us don’t even dream about. Every time I read your blogs, I get hungry for some reason. Safe travel and see you in a week or so. Rob

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