Holiday 10.

It’s sailing day back to Venice. Late start, nearly missing breakfast at 10.20 as they began clearing the food shortly after we were seated.
Ali and I then went to the internet lounge to check out itinerary items for the remainder if our trip, successfully licking the credit card while trying to buy some tickets.
We lunched late also as they began packing up as soon as we got there.
While watching a movie back in the suite, I noticed I had cell coverage so I rang westpac and Ali successfully got the card sorted out. The banking security assumes that you have your phone working normally while away but nobody in their right mind would run a smart phone on international roaming and data roaming as the cost could run to thousands.
The solution is to get a roaming sim which works by using VoIP to connect you to numbers in your directory. It does this by accepting your call instructions as a text then finding the number and calling you back.
We should have been a little better organised when it came to this but it seems to be sorted now.
We ate early in the dining room and stopped at the shop to pick up a watch that Ali had some links removed from and then went to the farewell show and then it was time to pack.
I managed to catch up on my blogs and post too although adding pictures is slow.
Lachy is really missing the internet so I had to let him back on for the remainder of our 24 hour purchase.
Now it was bedtime as I needed to be up at 5.30 to shower so we could breakfast at 6 and disembark at 7.30.





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