Holiday 12.

Up at 7 for a shower and I managed to get Lachy down to breakfast by 8.20. They had some scrambled eggs and tiny cooked cabanossi. The machine cappuchino was respectable and they even had some rice cakes. Lachy was able to enjoy a croissant and Ali had some cereal and fruit.
We went back to the room and packed our bags, checked out, stored the luggage and then began exploring. First stop was the Ponte Vecchio. Lots of tourists and expensive jewellery.
We wandered up to the Uffuzi but the line would have been 300 metres long and it wasn’t even open yet.
Instead we lined up for tickets to The Palazzo Vecchio. We wandered through the rooms used by the Medicis to govern Florence. There was extensive mural painting as well as paintings, statuary and some interesting pieces of furniture. The main hall was massive and could have held thousands.
Lachy was getting restless so we stopped for lunch at the Il David restaurant for pizza, gnocchi, chips, coke and beer.
We then wandered through the market stalls and streets up to the Duomo which Lachy hadn’t seen and then beyond to a whole street of market stalls eventually ending up near the railway station.
Everywhere you go there are African and Indian hawkers trying to sell you crap. I found it really detracted from what should have been an Italian experience.
It was time for coffee and afterwards, we explored Santa Maria Novella which had a nice chapel and a courtyard garden that was surrounded by priest graves.
It was getting late so we returned to the hotel and retrieved our luggage and walked back to the train station, arriving a good hour before the train.
The station was absolutely packed with people and we had to wait until 10 minutes before the train arrived before they indicated the platform.
I spotted the change and we headed down to platform 11 and soon the train pulled in.
On we hopped and settled on for the 90 minute ride to Rome Termini.
The train pulled out and proceeded to speed up. Darkness fell quickly and we were soon hurtling along at 249 kph.
It took 90 minutes to get to Rome and a terrifying 20 minute can ride had us at the Hotel Tango. The room had a bathroom and sitting room downstairs and a mezzanine bedroom. Lachy’s bed was the settee downstairs. We had some snacks with us from the trip and were bushed after a big day so it was bed time in preparation for exploring tomorrow.


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