Monthly Archives: September 2015

USA Day 01

We’ll, I’m back for a brief trip with family to Orlando Florida to visit with Laura during her stint at Disneyworld.
Packing went sort of OK but I really finished it this morning.
Got up at 6 and started packing at 7. Brother Robert arrived on cue to drive us in and we had a fairly smooth passage through departures and are now comfortably seated in a food court with a two hour wait till flying time.
Erin and Lachlan are doing well although a little edgy and Ali is a paragon of efficient direction.

The flight to Orlanda was pretty good. Lachy and Erin had seats next to the middle exit door and we were immediately behindthem on the window so Ali could stretch out as there was a gap between Lachys seat and the door. I got a free coke but that was about it. 

We landed about 9.30, picked up our luggage and boarded the Disney shuttle. The trip was 45 minutes with Saratoga Springs the last stop. I snapped a shot of the magic Kingdom sign just in time as we went past in the bus. It was near 11.30 by the time we made it to our room. Strangely not tired, we stayed up chatting with Laura till about 2am. Laura looks incredible and so full of energy. We slept well into the afternoon of the next day. 

Day 02

Up showered and dressed we wandered over to the Turf Club. Saratoga Springs has a style that reminds me of classic American movies about horses except there is an absence of the usual aroma. There was some twenties Musial on offer and a very casual atmosphere. We took the ferry boat to Downtown  which is a Disney, open to the public, shopping and eating district that also has a balloon ride, Circe de Soliel and movie theatres. We went for a stroll through the shops prior to eating. Lachy and I split off to let the girls have a shop, while we wandered through a few ourselves. Lachy began asking quiz questions which led to an extensive discussion of Metal Gear Solid. As far as I can tell, there was a boss but he was killed by another who became big boss, or just boss. Someone lost an arm. There was a guy called Snake. The technology was very advanced possibly alien but set in the sixties. One guy had a Russian sounding middle name. I’m not sure who were the goodies or if in fact anyone won. We waited. Lachy can read naval signal flags apparently.  

Met back up with the girls who had spent most of the time looking after sick Erin. It was getting close to Dinner. Laura had booked us into the Boathouse. We had an inside corner and not long after sitting, Erin wanted to swap because of the passing traffic. Florida is hot and muggy. I picked Salmon and a nice Californian Sauvignon Blanc.  After a nice meal we rejoined the ferry back to Saratoga Springs for a little cuppa.  

Day 03

EPCOT stands for experimental prototype community of tomorrow. We took the motor coach shuttle from Saratoga Springs and arriving about 11. Upon entry there was a big line-up at spaceship earth so we started with the art shop followed by the Coca-Cola shop where one could sample some unusual flavours from around the world……nothing unusual in Australia apparently. 
Day 04

Got up early to catch the shuttle to Alamo car hire. The guy totally up sold me to a Chevrolet Suburban which names the Kluger seem like a toy. I couldn’t get the satnav working but made it home anyway

Day 05